One Type of Guy You Should Never Let Go; If You Do, It Is Your Loss!

When it comes down to it, we might claim to have an extensive list of attributes we want in a partner, but really, there are only two things that matter when it comes to finding love.

We don’t need them to be funny, or rich, or intelligent or be blessed with good looks – not that we’ll say no – but, deep down we just want someone who we love and who loves us back.

And the guy you should never let go of is the guy that does both. He’s the one who lights up when you enter the room, who proudly tells everyone you’re his girl; gushes about you to his friends and can’t stop telling your friends how lucky he feels.

Who texts you additional questions, so that he has an excuse to make contact and then tries to find a reason to see you sooner than you had arranged because he just can’t wait.

He’s the guy who doesn’t judge you for spending your weekend binge watching Suits and instead suggests he should start watching it too.

He’s the guy that, after a bad night sleep, when you’ve kept both of you up, brings you sleep remedies so you can get some shuteye. He’s the guy that embraces what others have told you are your faults and instead loves them as your unique traits.

He’s the guy who accepts the good and the bad and doesn’t try to change you because you wouldn’t be you without them. He’s the guy who inspires you to become the best version of you and makes you chase your dreams because you know, whether you succeed or not, he’ll still think you are unbelievable.

He’s the guy who will listen to your smallest problems and complaints with an open mind and heart, accepting that you’re only human, helping you at the right moment and laughing at you when you need it. Who remembers things you forgot you told him and notices small details, like that ring you thought you lost, is back on your finger. He’ll remember that last week you said you hated avocado, but this week you like it, and it will make him smile.

He’s the guy that will tell you his thoughts and secrets because he trusts you. He will listen when you speak and heads the advice you give him, not because he loves you, but because he values your opinion and judgment.

The guy who just wants you to be happy and protected. Who always knows where you are in a busy and crowded room and even when surrounded by friends, always has one lingering eye on you to make sure you’re OK.

He’s the guy who means it when he says, he’s always there for you and would go to the ends of the earth for you if you needed it and who is sincere when tells you to call him if you ever need help or are in trouble.

He’s the guy that will ditch the boys to make sure you get home safely, not because he’s expecting anything but because he genuinely cares.

He’s the guy that by doing all these things makes you worry it’s all a dream and that you don’t deserve him. He’s the guy, who does all these things because he’s falling in love with you. He’s the guy you should never let go of.

Source: Peace Quarters


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