Goodbye Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Lipids And Triglycerides

Today I give you the story of a professor I had back in college who taught me that the natural way is almost always the best way to go when it comes to curing diseases and serious issues.

He called me one day and showed me some blood test results from a patient whose parameters like urea, cholesterol, blood glucose, lipids, and triglycerides were honestly said high to the sky.

I even though he has already died!

When he revealed the name of the patient I was shocked at first and really confused for a while- it was his own name!

I was concerned, I started asking him whether he had done everything he could, has he improved, how did he come to this situation etc. He then, however, pulled out another piece of paper and those were the blood test results of a perfectly healthy, normal human being.

I saw the name that was written above, and again- it was the professor’s name. And now I was really confused, the difference between the dates on these two pieces of paper was exactly 30 days.

He saw the look on my face and revealed to me that there is a treatment which he does once a year so he ensures himself that the bad results will improve.

So, for a period of 30 days all you have to do is buy a raw pumpkin once a week peel 100 grams and blend it. Then, simply add some water and you got yourself a fine smoothie.

Drink it 15-20 minutes before you have breakfast every day. Make sure you stay aware of the results it provides you with since there will be no side effects to worry about. It is completely natural so you have nothing to lose.

My genius professor, who is an electrical engineer, even started investigating the origin of the pumpkin and searched for the reason why it is so potent in solving this issue.

He discovered that the compounds in pumpkin help clean your arteries, as well as remove all the bad cholesterol from them. They also increase your energy levels and you are fresh and full of energy throughout the entire day.

Sources: Healthy Food House | Food And Our Health

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