Here are Easy Ways to Remove Skin Tags and Warts

Even though apparently harmless and easy to treat, skin tags and warts can be quite annoying and sometimes even more dangerous than you think.

So what are skin tags?

Skin tags represent common fleshy growths that appear on places of the skin are folding and creasing and are not evenly textured. They can even be quite flat, irregular and hanging from the skin like a piece of extra flesh. They have skin color but they could be much darker ranging from brown to maroon color.

Furthermore, they are most common among diabetics, pregnant women, and obese people and can appear in several places even on your eyelids. Some skin tags even reach the size of a grape!

Skin tags are common in the US and the factors contributing to it is people being overweight, hormonal imbalance, skin folds and of course hygiene. Skin tags can be quite sensitive so you have to be extremely careful when removing them as there is a possibility that they even bleed.

On the other hand, warts, are in fact contagious and direct exposure to warts, encourages the appearance of new ones. They have a cylindrical shape and pinkish color and they can vary in size.

The most painful kind of warts is the genital one, with the others not being so inconvenient and itchy as this one.

Ways to remove these skin conditions?

The clinical ones are:

• Cauterization- Electrolysis is used here and it also uses a needle-shaped instrument which burns them off with electricity;

• Cryosurgery- in this procedure liquid nitrogen is applied with a small metal instrument and it cuts off the wart completely;

• Ligation- a rubber band is surrounding the affected area and will allow the wart to fall off and die;

• Excision- a surgical procedure that uses a scalpel as a tool. The most painful and longest one;

However, there are certain natural remedies you could try out in order to treat these skin conditions, like for example:

Tea tree oil – Put some of this amazing multi-purpose oil on a cotton ball and dab it on your tag or wart three to four times a day and see the difference.

Pastes from castor oil – mix some of this oil with baking soda and create a paste which you can apply on your skin tag, you will see the difference in a period up to a month!

ACV – dab a cotton ball in some Apple Cider Vinegar and treat your skin condition at once!

Aloe Vera gel – as it is mild and easy to apply, it can also be potent in removing your warts and skin tags, apply it every day and see what happens.

Vitamin E – apply some Vitamin E oil two times a day for a period of seven days and soothe your affected areas.

So that is it, it is up to you to decide what method for getting rid of your problem you want to use, but remember that the natural way is always the best way to go and represents a big plus for your health.

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